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Event APIs must be invoked using the HTTP "POST" method. No other method is supported. Runtime parameters, if any are defined for the event, are passed in using the defined syntax (Rest Parameters and Options).

The result structure for an event trigger has a single node <...Result> (matching your API name) with an attribute "successFlag", having values "true" or "false".

For example, in XML format:

<SampleEventResult successFlag="true" />

For example, in JSON format:

{ "Result": { "successFlag": true } }

For XML requests, you may also specify the option for Requesting Result Meta Data, in which case the result object will have a <Performance> sub node. Refer to the section on Result XML Format or the generated XSD for information on how the <Performance> node is formatted.

All event triggers are executed synchronously. The caller's request will not return until the event processing (action batch and report batch) is completed.