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Web services published from EcoSys will automatically provide documentation about their functionality and configuration. You may use a web browser to browse to your EcoSys URL and append "/api/" to view the list of published APIs.

For example,


For each published API, a specific generated documentation page includes:

  • API name

  • Description

  • Notes

  • Base object

  • Links to web service descriptors (generated WSDL, WADL, and XSD) and data access links

  • Definition of runtime parameters (data type, required indicator)

  • Definition of object attributes for object-based APIs (data type, access mode, allowable values, and source fields)

To configure APIs for advanced users, you can provide additional notes and documentation about the API and its attributes by entering text in the "Notes" and "Hint" sections of the spreadsheet dictionary. These will be included in the generated documentation for the given API. The documentation view and service descriptors for a published API is generated live, so changes to the underlying definition will be reflected in the documentation page immediately when refreshed.