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Tag data is defined using the index table grid on the CADWorx Instrument Datasheets dialog box. An example of the dialog box, divided into its four major sections, is shown below.

1 - Menu Bar

Provides access to such functions as opening projects, editing project information, and viewing reports and reference documents. Click the name of a menu to display the commands it contains.

2 - Instrument Index Table Grid

Displays the tags and their associated attributes that are defined in the active database. You can enter tag data into the index table by clicking in a box and typing the necessary data. There are no limits to the number of tags that the software allows. You can specify as many tags as are needed for you project.

3 - Command Panel


Populates the index with instrument tags from the P&ID database defined by Default P&ID Database on the Project Information dialog box.


Imports data from a CADWorx P&ID database into the datasheets.


Exports tag data defined in the index table grid to the CADWorx P&ID database defined by Default P&ID Database on the Project Information dialog box.


Specifies the type of datasheet to be used for the selected tag. Select a datasheet in the list. For more information, see Tag Datasheets.


Saves the tag data to the project database.


Removes the selected tag permanently from the project database.


Updates any changes made by another user if multiple users are using the same project database.

4 - Status Bar

Displays the name of the currently selected record and the active project.

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