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CADWorx delivers over 20 intelligent equipment datasheets. To view the datasheet for the selected equipment number in the equipment list, click Documents > <Equipment Number> Documents > Datasheet. Alternatively, you can click Datasheet at the bottom of the CADWorx Equipment Datasheets dialog box.

Data Entry

The datasheet templates provided by the software are designed for efficiency. Although the mouse can be used to select an individual cell, you must enter all data using the keyboard. Check boxes, too, must be selected/cleared using the keyboard. To select a check box, type a letter, typically the letter X, in the cell over which the check box is superimposed.

In most cases, you can select only one check box. If you select a check box and then select a different one, the previous check box returns to its cleared state. Also, when you type text in cells labeled as Other, any previously selected check box is automatically cleared. There are exceptions to this rule. In instances where the data entered for Other provides additional information related to the selected check box, both values are allowed on the datasheet.

Saving Changes

To save changes to the datasheet, click Save on the datasheet toolbar. By default the datasheet is saved to the [Product Folder]\Equipment\Datasheets folder. You can change this default setting by editing Default Datasheet on the Project Information dialog box. For more information, see Equipment List Projects.

Data Synchronization

Data in the datasheet and the equipment list is synchronized. If you change any cell of data in the datasheet that is linked to the list, the equipment list is updated automatically when you save the change. Also, any changes made to the data in the equipment list are reflected in the linked datasheet.

Datasheet Type Assignment

Any time you attempt to view the datasheet for a specific equipment number and Datasheet Path in the equipment list table is not defined, the software immediately prompts you to assign a datasheet type by opening the Select Datasheet Type dialog box.

Saving a Datasheet as a File

When you attempt to view the datasheet for a specified equipment number and Datasheet File Name in the equipment list table grid is in not defined, the software immediately prompts you to specify a file name. When you save the datasheet, the default behavior of the software is to use the equipment number as the filename. If you use this file naming convention, be aware that the software does not automatically update the filename to reflect any subsequent changes you may make the equipment number. Consequently, you must change the filename manually to match that of the updated equipment number.