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You can rearrange columns to better suit your preference. For example, as you enter records into the instrument index table, you can move the Tag column to ensure that the data entered into a cell is associated with the correct tag. You can also collapse columns so that their data is not visible. Finally, you can sort column data in ascending or descending order.

Rearrange table columns

  1. Click the column heading of the column you want to move and then drag the column to the new location.

    The software displays an outline of the column as you drag the mouse.

  2. Release the mouse button to drop the column in its new location.

Collapse a table column

  • Right-click the column header of the column you want to collapse.

    To restore the column width, right-click the collapsed column.

    The software collapses the selected column. The example below shows the Tag column at its normal width (1) and after it has been collapsed (2).

    Collapse Table Column 1

    Collapse Table Column 2

Sort column data

  • Click once in the column heading of the column that you want to sort.

    The software rearranges the associated data in the remaining columns.

You can sort by any column except Datasheet, PID, Loop Dwg, Requisition, Purchase Order, and Remarks.