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The software opens this dialog box automatically after you select New Index on the Select Project Instrument Index dialog box. With the exception of Default Template Folder and Default Datasheet Folder, which are required and defined by software, defining project information is optional. Some of the data you do enter, though, is used by the software to populate report and datasheet title blocks.

  1. In the Project Information dialog box, click once in the Value box for the property you want to define and then type the necessary information.

    If you change the template folder location, make sure you also copy the templates to the new folder.

  2. After you have defined the necessary project information, click Save.

  3. Click Exit.

    The software closes the dialog box and returns to the CADWorx Instrument Datasheets dialog box so that you can begin entering index table data in the grid.

  • Default properties cannot be deleted, nor can you edit their property names.

  • To define additional project-specific properties, use the empty row at the bottom of the table. User-defined project properties can be deleted.

  • Click Edit > Project Information to re-open the dialog box and modify project information as needed.