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You can copy and paste all cells of data to another row. The only exception is any cell that requires you to enter data using a drop-down list. In these instances, you must assign values to the cell manually.

Using the familiar shortcut keys to copy and paste works only for text in a cell. You cannot copy or paste an entire row of information using these shortcut keys. However, the software stores into memory the last section of text that you identified to copy, which allows you to continue using Ctrl+V to paste the stored text until you use Ctrl+C to make another text selection. This is the case even if you copy a row using another copy method.

  1. Right-click the row of tag data you want to copy, and select Copy.

  2. Right-click the destination row, and select Paste.

You cannot use Ctrl+C to copy a reference document from one record to another. If you attempt to copy using this method, the document number appears as **DELETED**. To undo changes, you must press Esc.