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Customization allows you to modify and enhance the software to meet your specific needs. For example, you can make any necessary format changes to the datasheet templates and still retain the integrity of the software.

Changing the cell address for the input cells can compromise the mapping of the index information to the input cells.

Change instrument index / equipment list table column headings

Column headings that appear in the index table or equipment list grid can be changed using the FormColumnNames table in the Index.mdb file. In the grid, select Refresh to update the display of the column headings.

The instrument Index.mdb file is delivered to the [Product Folder]\CADWorx Datasheets\Instrument folder during installation of the software; the equipment Index.mdb file is delivered to the [Product Folder]\CADWorx Datasheets\Equipment folder

Un-protect datasheets

All datasheet controls are protected. The password is blank. If you need to move any of the datasheet controls, such as the shapes for checkboxes, or change out the company logo, ensure that you re-protect the datasheets afterwards so that the controls cannot be inadvertently moved or deleted.

Create an Index / Equipment List report

The Instrument Index and Equipment List reports delivered with the software are written using Crystal Reports. Optionally, you can write an index or equipment list report in the Index.mdb file, presuming you have a full version of Microsoft Access installed on the local computer. Any reports written in Access must be run outside of CADWorx Datasheets.

Add a new datasheet template

To accommodate the addition of new template, the following three tables in the Index.mdb file need to be modified: DatasheetType, DtShtFieldName, and DtShtWorksheets.

  • In the DatasheetType table, add the new datasheet entry (template). Do not enter the Field list in this table. The Field list is propagated into this table after you have added it to the DtShtWorksheet table.

  • In the DtShtWorksheet table, add the Field list. Use the existing template entry as an example.

  • Save and exit the Index.mdb file.

A copy of each new template must be placed in the Templates folder and must have a unique custom property value. You can type custom property on the Custom tab of the <Template File Name> Properties dialog box as shown in the example below.