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11 (2016)

You can use relationships to connect an element you are drawing with an existing element. You can apply a connect relationship as you draw the lines, or draw the line without a connect relationship.

  1. Click Tools > SmartSketch Settings.

  2. On the Relationships tab, set End Point, and click OK.

  3. On the Draw toolbar, click Line/Arc Continuous or , depending on the application you are using.

  4. Move the pointer to the end of a line in the application window. The software displays the End Point relationship indicator at the pointer.

    While the software displays the relationship indicator, click to place the first end point of the new line. This end point is connected to the end point of the previous line.

  5. Click where you want to place the second end point of the new line.

  6. The new line and the previous line have connected end points.

    • If Maintain Relationships on the Tools menu is set, the software places a connect relationship handle at the point where the two lines connect.

    • If you do not want to place a connect relationship, you can follow the same procedure with Maintain Relationships cleared. The end points of the two lines will still be exactly coincident when you draw them.