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Standard Database for Intergraph Smart Reference Data Smart Material Workflows Help

Intergraph Smart Reference Data Standard Database

Material that is received on site and booked into the inventory, is stored at a particular location in the warehouse. All material in the inventory is handled with an assigned warehouse, location, receiving status, and quantity unit.

For easy identification, a location should be related to a real physical material storage location.

SDB has defined the Site-related project defaults and performed the setup of the Site module.

Site Setup section on SDB is delivered with predefined set of sample values that are applicable for execution of Smart Materials Workflow Modules. Following is the list of menus with sample data.

  • Site Locations

  • Location Types and Purposes

  • Warehouses

  • Warehouses to User

  • Bin Locations

  • Heat Numbers

  • Work Packages

  • Site Material Status

  • MRR Rules

  • MIR Rules

  • MTR Rules

  • OSD Rules

  • PICS Rules

  • MRI Rules

  • Site BOM Setup Nodes

  • Allow. Substitutions

  • Set Environment

  • Project Subcontractors

  • RTI Rules

  • SRR Rules