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Standard Database for Intergraph Smart Reference Data Smart Material Workflows Help

Intergraph Smart Reference Data Standard Database

The Extended Traffic module is mainly based on release notes. The main screen of the Extended Traffic module is PT.20.01 with the traffic tree, which helps User to visualize the chronology by date ranges and is based on release notes and agreements.


Following is the menu for which sample data is defined under the setup module. You can use the existing sample data or can create their own sample data to work effectively with the Extended Traffic module.

  • Date Ranges

  • Transport Costs

  • EML Numbers

  • Methods of Transportation

  • Geographical Areas

Work Area

Following is the menu under the work area for which sample information is provided. You can view the defined data and modify as required.

  • Traffic Tree

  • Means of Conveyance

  • Release Note Summary

  • Preliminary Packages

  • Preliminary Packing Delta

Refer Annexure I for all the SDB delivered sample requisitions and its downstream MSCM module workflows.