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Intergraph Smart Reference Data Standard Database

Once the requisition is released to the Procurement (MSCM) module, user needs to create an inquiry or make an addition to a blanket order, and so forth.

Using inquiries is an essential part of the procurement process that allows a company to obtain competitive quotations for goods and services, as well as the best delivery schedules for a project.

The inquiry cycle in Smart Materials is always triggered and started by the released requisitions coming from engineering. Engineering can send two main types of requisitions to procurement:

Requisition for inquiry

You can use these requisitions to find the prices for material but you cannot make procurement (purchase this material). Requisitions for inquiry can be used to create inquiries, for bid evaluation, to select suppliers/subcontractors, and to create a blanket order (BO)/master agreement (MA). Then, a BO/MA either be used to transfer prices and conditions based on a new requisition for purchase from the blanket order into a new PO/SC, or, you can create a requisition for purchase from the inquiry (which is used to create the PO/SC).

Requisition for purchase

The requisition for purchase contains material/services that must be purchased by the procurement according to the specification of material/service, required quantity, time, and place. You can use the requisition for purchase either to create inquiries, bid evaluation, award suppliers/subcontractors, and to create PO/SCs, or to create PO/SCs directly without going through the inquiry cycle.