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Standard Database for Intergraph Smart Reference Data Smart Material Workflows Help

Intergraph Smart Reference Data Standard Database

Intergraph Smart Materials is a common platform for materials management and contracts management covering the engineering, procurement, and construction areas. This powerful solution helps organize supply chain, materials life cycle, and subcontracts, thereby maintaining sustainable profits by avoiding shortages and limiting the surplus. Smart Materials supports materials management for all disciplines, including piping and non-piping.

Current release of Standard Database product is enhanced to include sample data related to the Smart Materials workflows (such as Engineering and Procurement Integration - Bill of Materials(E&PI (BOM)), E&PI(Requisition), MSCM, and Site modules). As part of this SDB has created a new project SMPL_SMAT and added sample data with regards to Smart Materials workflows.

This document briefs about the Smart Materials workflows that are defined in the sample project SMPL_SMAT of SDB.

Why should you read this?

  • If you are a user or a super user in charge of managing the Smart Material workflows.

  • If you are a manager or a decision maker in charge of designing/redesigning engineering workflows.

  • If you are a project manager of 3D Design and material management implementation projects.

  • If you are an engineer who is responsible for the creation and maintenance of piping catalogs/piping component libraries and Material life cycle management either on an enterprise or project level.

What can you expect?

This document will help in understanding the SDB delivered sample workflows with respect to Smart Materials.

How can you get this data?

User can get this sample project data by SDB migration process using the SDB Merge Tool. For more information regarding the migration process, please refer to the "Standard Database for Intergraph Smart Reference Data Upgrade and Migration" documentation.

Advantages of SDB Data for Smart Materials

The advantage of the SDB Data for Smart Materials is that it facilitates the reuse of datasets and reduces maintenance.

  • Reuse of Dataset: Users can copy the predefined setup from SDB delivered sample project SMPL_SMAT to a new project using Project Setup Copy function available with Smart Materials.

  • Reduced Maintenance: The time and effort associated with changes/modifications to the predefined project set-ups will reduce the effective man hours during project execution.

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