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The Machine Editor main window is divided into the four working areas shown in the following example.

1 - Machines and Materials

Displays the hierarchical structure of the MachDB (machine database) folder in a tree view format. For more information, see Machine Editor Introduction.

You can open only one machine database at a time.

2 - Parameter Sections

Displays the names and corresponding titles of the parameter sections for the item currently selected in Machines and Materials tree.

Click File > Sections and Parameters to view more information related to the parameter sections and parameter values.

3 - Parameters Table

Displays the parameters and their values for the item currently selected in the Parameter Section area. You can change a parameter value by typing the new value into the table cell or by selecting a value from the drop-down list. You can use the Graphical View area to change numerical values.

4 - Graphical View

Displays numerical parameter values graphically. To change the numerical value for any parameter: click a value point, and then drag the point to another location.