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  1. Select a parameter section of the material in Parameter Sections.

  2. Right-click the header of the Reference Thickness group from the Parameters table, and then select Insert Thickness Group.

    The Insert Thickness Group menu object is displayed.

  3. Type the numeric value of the thickness group in the Thickness Group Name box, and then click OK.

    • Duplicate thickness groups are not accepted. If you enter a thickness group that already exists, the software displays a message. Click OK to close the message box, and enter a different thickness in the Insert Thickness Group dialog box.

    • The parameter values are copied as a reference from the selected thickness group. You must update the parameter values manually where needed.

    • The AutoSelect mode is also copied to the inserted thickness group, if the Auto Selection is defined to selected thickness group. (Cutting selects the technology where AutoSelect is set on for the current plate thickness. It will go through the technologies finding the thicknesses where AutoSelect is set.)