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  1. Select a copied material group from tree.

    The copied material groups are shown to green on tree. The copied material group name is separated on original material groups by marking Base = XXXX after material group name, where XXXX is the name of the original material group.

  2. Select a parameter grid area of the material group.

    Be sure that the area is selected, is seen as grey.

  3. Right-click the parameter grid area

    and then select Insert Thickness Group.

    The Insert Thickness Group dialog box displays.

  4. Type the numeric value of the thickness group in the Thickness Group Name field.

    1. and if the parameter settings are on thickness group level, then click OK.

    2. and if the parameter settings are on quality class level, select Insert Quality Class check box on and enter name of Quality Class (for example QClassDefault, QClass10, and so forth), and then click OK.

      The Insert Parameter Section dialog box displays.

      When inserting copied material group, there is no thickness groups or parameters seen on parameters grid area, because these settings are just a copy from original ones.

      If the parameter settings should be different than the original material group have, these different parameter settings are only seen on parameter grid area.

      Therefore, when setting the first thickness group, it is also important to set the required parameter section and parameters to complete the thickness group and parameter settings, because the set thickness group is not seen on parameter grid without the parameter section.

  5. Select the Parameter Section from the Parameter Sections dialog, and then click Insert.

    1. If the parameter settings are at the thickness group level, the Allowed Section is ThicknessGroup on Parameter Sections dialog.

    2. If the parameter settings are at the quality class level, the Allowed Section is QualityClassDefault, QualityClass on Parameter Sections dialog.