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Machine Editor is an application used to edit the machine parameters of a cutting machine. These parameters are used to create NC programs and calculate machine times. Machine Editor also helps to maintain technology groups, technologies, material groups, thickness groups, and quality classes.

Machine Editor displays tooltips with the machine parameters. The graphical user interface enables you to easily understand the hierarchical folder structure.

Hierarchy of the machine parameters

Machine parameters are grouped by the following levels: Technology Group, Technology, Material Group, Thickness, and Quality Class. In this hierarchy, Technology Group is the highest level, and Quality Class is the lowest level.

MachDB folder

The machine parameters (that is, the technology group files) are located in the systems .\MachDB folder. To better understand the functionality of Machine Editor, it is important to understand the tree structure of the machine database (MachDB). The MachDB folder contains the XML files for each technology group. The technology group file hierarchically contains the parameters for that machine technology.


The hierarchy of the MachDB tree is shown below:


Technology Group


Material Group

Quality Class

  • Technology parameters are in the Technology level.

  • Material parameters are in the Material Group level.

  • Thickness parameters are in the Thickness level.

  • Surface quality class parameters are in the Quality Class level.

  • At a minimum, the MachDB folder must contain the technology group, technology, and material group levels. Quality classes are configured to some manufacturers machines, if needed.

  • Any changes that you make to the machine database must be done using Machine Editor.

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