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There are three ways to backup files:

  1. Select MachDB from the tree view and click Save. The entire machine database is saved.

  2. Right-click an individual technology group in the Machines and Materials tree, and then select Save the Technology Group.

  3. Save changes when closing Machine Editor by clicking Yes in the message box. The entire machine database is saved.

    The software saves backup files in the .\MachDB folder. Original file names have a .xml extension. The software increments backup file names by one to keep each name unique. You can have a maximum of 99 backups. The following example shows the original file (PlasmaBevel-HPR260XD.xml) and one of its backups (PlasmaBevel-HPR260XD.022)

    Before making any changes to the machine database, always create a backup. If required, you can restore the machine database from the backup. For more information, see Restore a backup file.