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The following steps are required to properly install EAM Mobile for iPad®.

The user will navigate from the main window to the App Store® and select EAM Mobile for iPad®. This is a free application.

Once selected, the user will install the EAM Mobile for iPad® application. The user will need to accept the terms and conditions and then click Setup on the login screen.

On the Setup screen, the user will specify the Organization, the Connection ID (Tenant ID), and Server Address. The server address must include http:// in the URL provided.

The user will then be prompted for their User ID and Password. This is the same User ID and Password they would use when logging into standard EAM.

Upon login the user will be brought to the home screen of EAM Mobile for iPad®.

The Settings icon in the upper right hand corner will allow the user to verify login information and connectivity, review application version information, and log out of their session.