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Each activity for a work order is presented in summary form along the top section of the screen. Click on an activity to review its details. The selected activity will appear highlighted in red in the summary section.

Following the summary section of the Activities tab there is a button titled Start Activity. The Start Activity function serves to measure the elapsed time the logged in user is working on the activity. The user clicks Start Activity when they begin work for an activity and when completed, they click the Stop Activity button. Completing an activity using the Stop Activity button navigates the user to the Book Labor tab for the work order where a labor entry is pre-populated with the appropriate work order information, dates and elapsed time. The user can edit this information if needed. The user would click save to book the labor to the work order activity.

In the upper right hand corner of the screen there is an icon to reference the tabs of the Activity. Clicking this icon displays a listing of the tabs. The user can navigate to a specific tab by clicking the tab name.

Comment - Each activity can have comments beyond any details included with the work order. These may be instructions to complete the activity or general information or a list of tools required for the work.

Task Instructions - Work orders can have a set of predefined details that are referenced on an activity of the work order. These tasks and their instructions allow consistency in the performance of the work and ensure a particular task always follows a standard.

PM Comments - PM Work order activities may include specific details or procedural information for an included activity. This set of instructions is accessible from the PM Comments tab of the activity.

Inspection Tasks - The inspection task for an activity displays a checklist of steps that should be followed in sequence to complete the activity. The checklist can be used to complete one step of the task instruction or it can be used to collect qualitative or quantitative data.