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When the user navigates to the Work Order module, a listing of open, active work orders assigned to the user will be displayed along the left hand side of the screen. This listing will be accessible at all times while in the Work Order module. The user can choose to create a new work order by populating the required fields in the main panel of the screen, titled New Work Order.

The user selects an existing work order by selecting a work order displayed in the listing of open active work orders. The list can be scrolled up or down by a finger stroke on the screen. Selecting an existing work order will populate the work order data to the main panel of the screen.

In the upper right hand corner of the screen there is an icon to reference the tabs of the work order. Clicking this icon displays a listing of the tabs. The user can navigate to a specific tab by clicking the tab name.

If the selected work order has an equipment asset with an associated address, a red pin icon will appear in the summary listing. When selected, the work order will contain an image of the mapped location. This mapped location can be zoomed in on for more detail by clicking the map itself or by clicking the folded map icon located in the upper left of the screen next to the search field.

Some of the fields of the work order (and in other modules) include a right carat symbol. This indicates the field has a lookup value. The user can click the right carat to access the lookup value and search for the needed data