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EAM Mobile for iPad® edition includes several features to enhance the usability and versatility of the application.

Disconnected Mode - EAM Mobile for iPad® has the capability to operate in disconnected mode. With this edition, users do not need to continuously be associated to a local network via a network cable or Wi-Fi. The user can continue working if connectivity is lost.

Transaction Log - A transaction log will capture the data entered or updated while disconnected. This log can be accessed from the home page, Settings > Transaction Log.

Sync Data - Once network connectivity is re-established, the user should synchronize their data. A Sync Data icon in the toolbar of the home page will count the occurrences of data changes that need to be synchronized

Sync Configuration - EAM Mobile for iPad® has the capability to customize what data is synchronized between the main application and the iPad® edition. The synchronization can be limited to a specific type of data (i.e., all work orders), include specific categories of data (i.e.,classes of Equipment), or include a distinct number of days of history. Such configuration can enhance performance. This feature can be access from the home page, Settings > Sync Configuration.

E-Signature - The ability to have e-signatures is included with the EAM Mobile for iPad® edition. To enable this feature, an e-record must be set up in EAM. When the specified event occurs (such as a work order status change) an e-signature credentials pop-up box is invoked for user entry.

Screen Designer - Screen Designer, as in standard EAM, allows the screens to be customized by user group and streamline the data entry process. Each field included on a given screen can be set as required, optional, read only, or hidden. A default value or a maximum length can also be set for the field as appropriate. Within the EAM Mobile for iPad® edition