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In 8.8, in the Scheduler chart, you can now click the blue plus button to add a new item in a customized form when in the Screen layout. In Screen Layout, you can configure the screen layout event to load the customized form when you click the plus button on the scheduler table. The Scheduler Chart and the Form must be in the same Screen Layout and the Form cannot be wrapped in its own Screen layout.

Configure settings required to create New Item Form

  1. Navigate to Configure > Screen layouts, and add a new Screen layout.

  2. In the Panels tab. Click Add New Panel, select the Type as Chart and select the scheduled chart.

  3. Click Add new panel and select the Type as Form and select the required form.

  4. Click the Events tab, click Add new rule +, and define the following parameters:

    • In the Source Panel, select the scheduler chart

    • In the Source key field, select Add New Item

    • In the Target Panel, select the form

    • Select the target region

  5. Select Refresh Source after save under Options.

  6. Click Save.

To customize the form and add item on the scheduler.

  1. Navigate to Configure > Forms

  2. Enter the ID, Name, and other details in the General tab

  3. In the Options tab, under Can add records, select the required options as Single. If you want to show a new form, you will not be able to show existing records, paging or any of other buttons besides save.


Create New form on Screen Layout

  1. Select the cost object and click the + button to add new item in the form.

    The form appears.

  2. Select the ID, Name, and cost object type.

  3. Click SAVE. The item appears in the activity table under the cost object.