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You can view the tasks and cost object in a combined hierarchy. Combined view is available for Scheduler charts where subject area is Task. To view the tasks and cost object in a hierarchy, Tasks must be created for the cost objects.

To enable the Hierarchy mode:

  1. Navigate to the Charts > Chart Elements tab and select Enable check box.

  2. When you save the changes, the chart is refreshed and the cost object and tasks appear as Tasks > Owner Cost Object > Cost Object Tree​


    The Start and End Date fields roll-up from the Task to the Owner Cost Object and then to the Cost Object Hierarchy​.

  • If the Cost Object has no tasks, it will not appear in the hierarchy.​

  • Early/Late dates do not roll-up​

  • Task rows are editable and support row events​

  • Cost Object rows are read only and do not support row events​

  • Cost Object row bars are grey thin bars showing the schedule span under them