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You can mark progress of the tasks or cost objects at a particular day/time by changing the Datadate field and progress fields in cost object and task subject areas. Once you pick a new data date and mark the actual start date of cost object or task, then run the scheduler, it calculates the progress fields and estimates the new start/finish dates on the scheduler chart.

The following progress fields are available for Cost Object and Task :

  • Progress Type - EcoSys supports two methods - Remaining Duration and % Complete

  • Percent Complete - When Progress Type is % Complete, this field is editable. When Progress Type is Remaining Duration, this field is calculated using Actual Duration/At Complete.

  • Remaining Duration - When Progress Type is Remaining Duration this field is editable. When Progress Type is Percent Complete, this field is calculated using Original Duration - (Original Duration * % Complete)

  • Actual Start Date - The date the item started

  • Actual Finish Date - The date the item completed (Note: Actual Finish Date will never be auto set)

  • Original Duration (days) -The Item’s original duration.

  • Remaining Duration Units - Days/Hours

  • Data Date - Should be hidden from the form and set through Edit settings.

Calculated Fields​

  • At Complete Duration (Hrs) = Actual Duration + Remaining Duration​

  • Actual Duration (Hrs)  

    • When there is no Actual Finish Date  =  Data Date – Actual Start Date​

    • When there is an Actual Finish Date  = Actual Finish Date – Actual Start Date​