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With the above-described configuration, the chart and the progress form are refreshed with the data automatically. For example,

  1. Select an object in the chart, change the Datadate to a date when you want to progress.

  2. Select the actual date when the work is started in the Actual Start Date field

  3. In the progress form, select the Progress Type as Percent complete

  4. Click Save.

    The schedule re-runs and the data is refreshed in the Scheduler chart and the progress form. The following fields in the progress form are update automatically:

    • Actual Duration

    • Remaining Duration

    • At Completion Duration (hrs)

      Similarly, select the Progress Type as Remaining Duration, select Actual Start date, type the number of hours left to complete in the Remaining Duration field and click Save. The schedule is re executed and the following fields in the progress form are updated automatically:

    • Percent Complete

    • At Completion Duration (hrs)

You must configure the Screen Layout, Scheduler Chart, and Form used for Progress properly to achieve this functionality. For more information, see Configure the Progressing Form.