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You can also configure a spreadsheet with cost object or task subject areas to import external data.

To configure a spreadsheet to import external data, create a spreadsheet with cost object or task subject areas

  1. Create a spreadsheet with cost object or task Type.

  2. Click the Columns tab and then click Add New Column

  3. Expand Schedule > External and select the required scheduler constraints and click Add

    • Early Finish date

    • Early Start date

    • Finish Date

    • Float

    • Free Float

    • Late Finish Date

    • Later Start Date

    • Notes memo

    • Start Date

    • Float for a node = Late Start - Early Start

    • Free float for a node = Early Start of Successor - Early Finish of node

      Free float is 0, if float is 0. That is, the node is on the critical path.

      Free float is 0, if the node is ineligible for free float calculation. That is, it is not a predecessor to a node that has > 1 predecessors.

  4. These are scheduler fields that can be used to store schedules from external system. These fields are stored in a different table then the Planned fields (EcoSys generated Schedule Dates). ​

    If you want to use the scheduler fields that are used to store the schedule generated by the EcoSys scheduler engine​, go to Schedule > Planned, select the required fields and click Add.

  5. Click Preview to view the cost objects with the scheduling constraints for external date.

    You can click on any of the attributes and edit the values.

    • After you save the data, the changes are reflected in the Schedular chart.

    • While importing the dates through an API from an external system, an ISO formatted datetime is required. For example, 2019-09-07T-15:50+00