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Smart Isometrics Material Editor Help

Intergraph Smart Isometrics Material Editor
6.0 (2019)

You use the main tree view in the Database window and the selection commands to select material data.

The main tree view is located on the Materials tab in the Database window.

When you select an object in the tree view, the software also includes all of its child objects. As shown in the example below, when you select Valves, the software includes in the select set all the child objects that belong to the Valves item group (Check Valve, Globe Valve, Butterfly Valve, and so forth), as well as the respective child objects (item codes) for each of those component types. Additionally, all of the sizes that are defined for each item code are selected.

The same behavior exists when selecting all the materials within a component type: select a component type, such as Concentric Reducer, and all the item codes are automatically included in the select set.

  • For easy identification, the software tags a selected item code with . Size data that is included in the select set are tagged with .

  • Alternatively, click Edit > Select All or Material > Select.

  • To select all materials within the entire filter set, select the top database node in the main tree view, and then click Select Material on the horizontal toolbar.

Remove a Material from the Select Set

  1. In the main tree view, select the object to remove from the select set.

  2. Click Clear Selection on the horizontal toolbar. Alternatively, click Material > Clear Selection.

  • If you remove a component type from the select set, the software removes the component type and all its child objects (item codes). Likewise, if you remove an item group for the select set, the item group and all its child objects (component types and item codes) are removed from the select set.

  • To clear all selections within the entire filter set, select the top database node in the main tree view, and then click Clear Selection .

  • You can remove individual sizes from the select set using the material data tree view. Select the size to remove, and click Clear Selection . The main tree view uses the icon to indicate that an item code has only a partial selection of its sizes.

One-Click Selection

Instead of repeatedly clicking the Select Material and Clear Selection commands while you create and refine your select set, you can use the one-click selection toggle.

  1. Select an item code in the main tree view.
    Select a size in the material data tree view.

  2. Click Turn ON One Click Selectionon the horizontal toolbar.

  3. Continue selecting item codes and sizes in the main tree view to add and remove objects from the select set.

  • The one-click selection toggle does not work with databases, item groups, or component types.

  • When one-click selection is active, you can remove an object from the select set simply by clicking it again.

  • The Turn ON One Click Selection and Turn OFF One Click Selection commands are also available on the Material menu.