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Several tabs on the Parts screen are read-only grids that simply display data related to the selected record view part.

The Transactions tab, for example, has three new fields added: Part, Part Org., and Condition (Figure 12). For non-condition tracked parts and condition tracked child parts, Part and Part Org. will always be the same as the record view part (i.e., the transaction is directly associated to the record view part), and Condition will be empty.

However, for condition tracked parent parts Part and Part Org. will always be different than the record view part. This is because no record in the system can be directly related to a parent part. However, transactions associated to child parts will be visible on the parent part. Therefore, Part and Part Org. will show the child condition part for which the transaction is associated while Condition will show the child part’s condition.

Other tabs like Transactions include the following:

  • Reservations

  • Requisitions

  • Purchase Orders

  • PO History

  • Overview

  • Contracts