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A new screen called Part Condition Templates has been created and is delivered in the Material | Setup menu.

See the screenshot below for the Part Condition Template record view. This screen will be used to define valid part conditions for organizations (see the Conditions tab for Part Condition Template). First, a template must be created. Most organizations will create a single template that defines the conditions used for all condition tracked parts in their company. However, if valid conditions for parts can vary based on business division, part class, etc. then multiple templates of part conditions can be created and used within in your organization.

See Creating condition tracked parts to see how a Part Condition Template is associated to a new condition tracked part. In addition, this section describes how template conditions are used in creating new part and the significance of the Suffix Separator on the Part Condition Template.

The only time you will see the Part Condition Template code and description in the system is on the Parts record view. The Part Condition Template code can be duplicated in different Organizations in the same way as Parts and Equipment.

  • The Part Condition Template screen contains no UDFs or custom fields.

  • When a Part Condition Template is created the system automatically creates one Condition record (i.e., ‘*’ condition) associated to the new template. See Creating conditions for part condition template for more details.

  • The Part Condition Template can be deleted if there are no conditions associated to the template, other than * condition. The * condition is automatically deleted if no other conditions are associated.

  • If the Copy Record toolbar button is used the system will copy the associated conditions as well.

  • The Suffix Separator can only be one character. Special characters that are not allowed in Part codes will not be allowed as a Suffix Separator.