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The Usage tab is unlike other Part tabs in that it is a summary grid that does not display individual records or transactions for the header part. Instead, it summarizes many transactions into a single record to show Usage and Demand for a Part and Store combination.

Since transactions cannot be against a parent part, the Usage tab will not display any records for parent parts. However, this information will be shown for child parts (i.e., part conditions).

Usage and Demand will be displayed for a condition tracked child part (i.e., for example, 44A165-A) in both of the following cases:

  • The transaction is directly against the child condition part i.e., purchase part 44A165-A, receive part 44A165-A, issue part 44A165-A.

  • Part 44A165-A (‘new’ condition) was issued but returned to store in a ‘used’ condition (part 44A165-B). In this scenario, the return transaction has trl_part = 44A165-B while a new R5TRANSLINES field called trl_issuedpart = 44A165-A. In addition, part 44A165-B will not show any Usage or Demand in this case.

    • If trl_issuedpart is populated for a transaction involving a condition tracked part, then the summary grid will use this part instead of trl_part as it does when trl_issuedpart is empty.

    • The Parts tab for Work Order is also a ‘summary’ grid and is handled in much the same way. It is discussed later in this document.