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The changes for this tab are like the Stores tab except that whenever the * condition is selected when creating a record here the system will clear the Qty. on Hand, Core Qty., and Price fields. This is done because these values, as well as bin/lot will likely not be the same for all bin stock records created (i.e., one bin stock record per template condition). However, if all conditions for the part will be in the same bin/lot you can use the * condition to first create all bin stock records then you can initiate stock qty. and price for each individual condition (i.e., child part).

Change Part Condition action - A new popup is now available that allows the condition of a part to be changed. Remember that a part condition is itself a part, so this popup allows you to move quantity of the New condition (part 44A165-A) to the USED-75 condition (part 44A165-B) for example.

When performing this action, the Store and Bin remain the same so if the new condition part should be in another bin you will need to use the Transfer Part between Bins action to move the quantity to the correct bin.

Issue Part action - If the condition of the part on the selected stock record has its Prevent Issues (see Create Conditions for Part Condition Template section for details) check box checked the system will display an error when attempting to perform this action.

The implementation of the part condition enhancement on the following screens is like the Stores and Stock tabs, except the * condition is not available:

  • Suppliers

  • Prices

  • Manufacturers

  • Sales Prices