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Use the following steps to update the EcoSys web application on the WebLogic application server.

  1. Stop the EcoSys managed server.

  2. Delete the ecosys deployment.

  3. Delete the following folders from the AdminServer and the Managed Server running EcoSys App

    • <WLS_DOMAIN>\servers\<WLS_SERVER_NAME>\cache

    • <WLS_DOMAIN>\servers\<WLS_SERVER_NAME>\tmp

    • <WLS_DOMAIN>\servers\<WLS_SERVER_NAME>\stage (if it exists)

  4. Deploy the ecosys.ear file from the \deploy folder of the EcoSys installation/upgrade package to the EcoSys managed server.

  5. If using Primavera P6, review the configuration steps in the EcoSys Primavera P6 Adapter Installation Guide to ensure that the integration is configured properly for this version of EcoSys.

For more information on deploying the ecosys.ear file, see the Deploy the EcoSys Application section under Configuring Oracle WebLogic for EcoSys.

To upgrade from Ecosys 8.8 or prior versions to Ecosys 9.0 or greater, refer to Upgrading from EcoSys 8.8 or prior to EcoSys 9.0 or greater (see Upgrading from EcoSys prior versions to EcoSys 9.0 or greater)