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EcoSys supports the ability to present its UI in the local language of your choice. During the upgrade process EcoSys will preserve the locale files located in ESFM_HOME directory so that the administrator can merge/update any changes to the newly distributed locale files.

First startup after an upgrade

During this startup EcoSys will,

  • Make a backup of the ESFM_HOME\locales directory by appending the current DateTime to the folder name.

  • Replace the en-us.properties in the ESFM_HOME\locales directory with a new file corresponding to the EcoSys being deployed.

  • Place a yellow banner at the top of the EcoSys web application warning users 'Locale backup(s) may need to be merged'.

    • This message will only be displayed for the first restart after an upgrade. Restarting the application server a second time will clear this message.

Managing locale files

  • If you have not modified the en-us.properties locale file and/or added any additional locale files.

    • Delete the ESFM_HOME\locale_<DateTime> backup directory and restart the application server.

  • If you have modified the en-us.properties locale file and/or have added another locale.

    • Merge any changes you made to the en-us.properties into the new file in ESFM_locales.

    • Update your locale files with any new or modified strings from the new build. See the EcoSys Release Notes for updated or added locale keys.

  • Restart your server after you have completed your changes.