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Use the following steps to update the EcoSys web application on the JBoss application server.

  1. Stop the application server.

  2. Delete the following folders:

    • <APP_SERVER_HOME>\standalone\tmp

    • <APP_SERVER__HOME>\standalone\data

  3. Make a backup of the following folders:

    • <APP_SERVER_HOME>\modules\com

    • <APP_SERVER_HOME>\oracle

    • <APP_SERVER_HOME>\primavera

  4. Navigate to the C:\EcoSys\alt\deploy\ folder, and extract and merge the new overlay .zip file to the root folder of the application server.

    • For Oracle databases, use the file esfm-jboss- overlay-ora.zip

    • For MSSQL databases, use the file esfm-jboss -overlay-sql.zip

  5. Copy the correct database JDBC driver into the correct folder in the application server

    • For Oracle databases copy the file ojdbc6.jar to the com\ecosys\jdbc\main folder

    • For MSSQL databases, copy the file sqljdbc4.jar to com\ecosys\jdbc\main folder

  6. If this is the first time upgrading to EcoSys 7.7 or greater, update the <APP_SERVER_HOME>\standalone\configuration\standalone.xml file. Locate the line to change below and update the entry as described. Remove any old driver entries that are not used.

    • For Oracle databases:

      • Change <driver name="ojdbc6" module="oracle.jdbc.6"/> to <driver name=" ojdbc6" module="com.ecosys.jdbc">.

      • Remove any <driver></driver> sections for ojdbc5 and sqljdbc.

    • For MSSQL database:

      • Change <driver name="sqljdbc" module="com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc"> to <driver name="sqljdbc" module="com.ecosys.jdbc">.

      • Remove any <driver></driver> sections for ojdbc5 and ojdbc6.

  7. If using Primavera P6, re-deploy the module by following the steps in the EcoSys Primavera P6 Adapter Installation Guide.

  8. Replace the ecosys.war file in the <APP_SERVER_HOME>\standalone\deployments folder with the ecosys.war file in the \deploy folder of the EcoSys installation/upgrade package.

  9. Start the application server.

To upgrade from Ecosys 8.8 or prior versions to Ecosys 9.0 or greater, refer to Upgrading from EcoSys 8.8 or prior to EcoSys 9.0 or greater (see Upgrading from EcoSys prior versions to EcoSys 9.0 or greater)