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12.1 (2019)

Controls the appearance of symbol graphics to be placed as a label. You can edit this file to add, remove, or modify the existing graphics and symbol origin location. Graphics can include lines, arcs, circles, text boxes, fills, and so forth. The symbol origin serves as the handle that the automatic labeling engine uses to place the label.

Modify the symbol file

  1. Click Launch SmartSketch .

    SmartSketch Drawing Editor launches.

  2. Within SmartSketch Drawing Editor, add, remove, or modify graphics and symbol origin for your label.

  3. Save your changes and exit SmartSketch Drawing Editor.

  • Label symbol files contain graphics, and unlike many symbol files, are not associated with database queries.

  • If you open a symbol file, save your changes and exit SmartSketch Drawing Editor before continuing work in the Matchline Rule Manager, the Label Rule Manager, or the North Arrow Rule Manager. For more information, see Matchline Rule Manager, Label Rule Manager, and North Arrow Rule Manager.