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12.1 (2019)

Currently used by all label templates. Generates a label control for each label that is used to run the positioning modules.

Usage in Label Template XML




Allows you to specify the 2D layer on which the software automatically places labels.

The following illustration shows an equipment object with a label placed on the layer specified in the text box.


1 - Equipment object
2 - Label
3 - Text Box Properties dialog box specifying the layer on which the label resides


Determines the order in which the software places an annotation based on available clear space and proximity to other annotations.

The software attempts to place an annotation (such as a label or a dimension) in clear space as close as possible to that object's Connect Point. Multiple annotations do not overlap. The Priority property allows you to assign a priority to each annotation, with 1 being the highest priority. The software places the annotation with the highest priority closest to that object's Connect Point. Additional annotations with lower priorities are placed further away from the corresponding object's Connect Point.

To define the priority, type a positive integer in the Priority text box.

priority_two equipment labels set to 1

1 - Equipment labels placed with Priority set to 1
2 - Structure label placed with Priority set to 2

priority_combined examples

1 - Equipment label placed with Priority set to 2
2 - Structure label placed with Priority set to 1