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Places a leader line for margin labeling. The leader is placed between the label and the drawing object. ISDwgMarginLeader uses control points from the point generator module to place the terminator of the leader.

Usage in Label Template XML









Specifies the line style for the leader.

1 - Leader line
2 - Break line


Specifies the line style for the witness line of a dimension.

1 - Witness line
2 - Dimension line

Line styles are defined in [Reference Data Product Folder]\SharedContent\Drawings\Catalog\templates\Styles.sha.


Controls whether or not a breakline appears for the label. The breakline normally connects the leader line to the label.

Type -1 to display the leader jog.

Type 0 to omit the jog.

You cannot place breaklines with acute leader jog angles when automatically generating labels. However, you can manually place breaklines with acute leader jog angles within SmartSketch by updating the view, then selecting a leader and clicking BreakLine .


Allows you to specify the offset from the first leader segment connected to the object to the next jog segment in the leader line.

1 - Leader offset
2 - Leader length
3 - Jog Segment Offset
4 - Jog Segment Offset 1
5 - Jog Segment Offset 2
6 - Perimeter Offset


Allows you to set the length of the jog segment in a leader line that connects to the label.Type -1 to place a jog. Type 0 to suppress the jog.

1 - jogLength