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Orthographic graphic module: MakeDrawable.dll

Rule set graphic module: Make Drawable

Makes it possible to draw objects that are not displayable in 3D (and therefore not normally drawable in 2D). This graphic module applies to all graphical objects. Use this module when you need to label or display objects such as features, runs, systems, or pipe support assemblies.

To use this module, apply it as a graphic preparation rule to a view style that filters for objects that are to be made drawable. In the following example, the view style filters for Piping Runs and Support Assemblies:

The drawing below shows how the view style impacts the drawing:

Make Drawable tells the software to go through the entire business object tree, setting all graphics to drawable. You might decide to use Make Drawable Simple to save time when working with compound graphics. With Make Drawable Simple, the software only sets the top level business object to drawable. For more information, see Make Drawable Simple.