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A compound rule can have multiple templates and can be associated with multiple symbol and report files.

  1. In the Select Label Rule dialog box, select the matchline rule to copy.

  2. Click Copy.

    The Copy Matchline Rule dialog box displays.

  3. Click Add Prefix or Add Suffix.


    Select both options to add a prefix and a suffix to the rule name.

    The software populates the Change Rule Name box with the existing name and positions the cursor according to your selection.

  4. Type to add the prefix or suffix to the rule name.

    Rule names do not support any character not supported by your operating system.

    The software displays all affected files in the View Changes display and dynamically updates the file names as you type.

  5. Click Copy.

    The software returns you to the Select Label Rule dialog box with the newly copied rule selected.

  • You cannot copy a template if you do not have certain permissions. For example, if you do not have write permissions to the Labels\Templates\Matchline folder, then an error message displays, and the command exits.

  • If the software cannot copy a matchline rule, an error message displays and the command exits. Copy errors can occur in the following situations:

    • The rule contains a template that is missing from disk.

    • The rule contains one or more templates with XML errors.