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12.1 (2019)

Drawing view styles define how objects are resymbolized within drawing and key plan views in drawing documents. The view styles determine what objects are included and how they display in the drawing. In orthographic drawings, as with composed drawings or orthographic drawings by query, you can define both orthographic view styles and key plan view styles.

  • Orthographic view styles are in the [Reference Data Folder]\SharedContent\Drawings\Catalog\Rules\Orthographic folder.

  • Key plan view styles are in the [Reference Data Folder]\SharedContent\Drawings\Catalog\Rules\KeyPlan folder.

  • Spatial view styles are in the [Reference Data Folder]\SharedContent\Drawings\Catalog\Rules\Spatial folder.

The delivered view styles delivered are specific to each type of drawing. For example, you would use the Electrical Equipment Plan view style to create electrical equipment drawings. Similarly, if you use the Electrical Equipment Key Plan view style, you are setting the output style for an electrical equipment key plan within your drawing document.

Graphic representation, labels, and dimensions are defined in each view style.

The delivered XML rule files are located in the [Reference Data Folder]\SharedContent\Drawings\Catalog\Rules folder.

  • The View Style XML files are located in the Orthographic folder. Orthographic view styles for marine mode drawings are saved to the Spatial folder.

  • The Graphic Rule XML files are located in the GraphicRules folder.

  • The Label Rule XML files are located in the LabelRules folder.

  • The Dimension Rule XML files are located in the DimensionRules folder.

You use Tools > Define View Style in the Drawings and Reports task to manage and create view styles. For more information, see Define View Style Command (Tools Menu).