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Intergraph Smart 3D
Reference Data
12.1 (2019)

Creates symbols from manufacturing XML data created in the Structural Manufacturing task.

Usage in Label Template XML

<contentModule value="SMDGenericContentInterOp"/>
<Assembly value="MfgSketchContent" />
<symbol representation="" scale="0.001">
<label name="ANGLE_A">
<![CDATA[ StrMfg Sketch Bevel Symbol_Angle Label ]]>
<value type="xpath">
<![CDATA[ descendant-or-self::SMS_BEVEL/@ANGLE_A ]]>
<parameter name="ANGLE_A">
<value type="xpath">
<![CDATA[ descendant-or-self::SMS_BEVEL/@ANGLE_A ]]>


Assembly value

Specifies the name of the content module to use.

  • SMDGenericContentInterOp is a wrapper content module that must be used with .NET content modules.

  • For customized annotation modules created by .NET and used in Drawings by Rule, you must modify Assembly values in the XML file. For more information, see the sub-steps under Custom Annotation Modules in SP3D/SM3D Drw Annotation Modules.