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Intergraph Smart Materials Enterprise Work Process for Materials Management

Intergraph Smart Materials
2020 (10.0)

Materials Management is divided into several Level 1 diagrams representing the major phases related to this wide-ranging activity. The first Level 1 diagram, which serves as a top level overview, summarizes all the activities in one diagram, with seven other Level 1 diagrams that show more detail for each process. The Level 2 diagrams represent the work processes for executing all these activities using SmartPlant and other software applications. There are a total of 24 swimlane diagrams for the Materials Management discipline, as follows:

Level 1 and Level 2 swimlane diagrams

  • Materials Management - Top Level Overview (Level 1)

    • Define Basis for Design (Level 1)

      • Define Reference Data (Level 2)

    • Generate Engineering Requirements (Level 1)

      • Manage WBS and BOMs (Level 2)

      • Manage Requisitions (Level 2)

      • Manage Progress and Status (Level 2)

    • Purchase Materials (Level 1)

      • Manage Supplier and Contractor Information (Level 2)

      • Manage Inquiries (Level 2)

      • Create and Maintain Agreement (Level 2)

      • Manage Progress and Status (Level 2)

    • Develop Subcontracts (Level 1)

      • Create and Issue Subcontracting Package (Level 2)

      • Evaluate and Award Subcontract (Level 2)

    • Control Materials (Level 1)

      • Manage Agreement (Level 2)

      • Manage Inspections Prior to Receiving (Level 2)

      • Manage Shipments (Level 2)

      • Manage Progress and Status (Level 2)

    • Execute Subcontracts (Level 1)

      • Initiate and Track Subcontracting Site Administration (Level 2)

      • Control Subcontracting Change Order Process (Level 2)

    • Control Site (Level 1)

      • Allocate Materials (Level 2)

      • Manage, Fabricate, and Install Materials (Level 2)

In addition, the following Integration Capability Statements are referenced in the diagrams, with a red flag and the number listed below, to provide more information on specific integration work processes:


Defining Parts and Specifications for 3D Design


Creating Isometrics with SmartPlant Isometrics for Documentation and Fabrication


Diagram 1: Creating Pipe Spools for Procurement and Fabrication


Diagram 2: Managing Pipe Spools for Construction

The work process diagram for each of these Integration Capability Statements is referenced in the Appendix. The full set of available Integration Capability Statements and Enterprise Work Process guides is on the support page under View Documentation > Work Process Guides. Access the support site for the most up-to-date information about all work process guides. To access the support site, browse to the following site,, and type your user name and password.

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