Object is in an invalid state because it was defined by the intersection of two objects that no longer intersect. Redefine the object placement. - Intergraph Smart 3D - Administration

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Meaning: The object was placed using an intersection relationship between two other objects and those other objects no longer intersect. For example, the top of a column was placed at the intersection of an elevation plane. Then, a beam was placed using the intersection of the column and the elevation plane as the beam's starting point. Sometime later, the column is moved such that the column end no longer intersects the elevation plane. The beam is placed on the To Do List with this message.


  1. Select the object in error, and redefine the placement of the object.

  2. Click View > To Do List.

  3. On the To Do List dialog box, select the object, and click Update .

    The software updates the object and removes it from the To Do List.