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It may be necessary at times to make large adjustments to mappings between functional locations and Operational Areas. To do this, the functional locations and associated area mappings can be exported to an Excel file allowing for large changes to be made to the mapping between functional locations and Operational Areas by editing the Excel file. This file can then be uploaded and the changes made will be processed updating the Functional Location Area Map.

The Excel export file contains the following tabs:

  • Functional Location Map

  • Operational Areas

  • Disabled Functional Locations

  • Info

The main sheet for editing is Functional Location Map, the column names are listed below:

  • Level

  • Functional Location

  • Description

  • Maintenance Plant

  • Operational Area (Several columns with this same title)

Functional Location Map Sheet

In this tab, it is possible to make large scale changes to the Operational Areas assigned to functional locations by copying and pasting. The first 4 columns: (Level, Functional Location, Description, Maintenance Plant) should never be changed as this will cause errors when uploading the spreadsheet.

From column 5 onwards, are a number of columns named Operational Area. These contain the Operational Areas mapped to this functional location. Each cell contains the full path to one area node, with levels separated by a ">".



Administration Buildings Security

will be represented as

Operations > Administration Buildings > Security

The Operational Areas tab contains a full list of all areas in this format, this can be used to copy the correct operational areas into the cells. If multiple Operational Areas are assigned to a single functional location then a new Operational Area column should be used for each one.


If some functional locations are not required then they can be disabled by simply deleting them from the Functional Location Map sheet. When the sheet is uploaded the deleted functional locations will be set to disabled. In future exports of the functional locations the disabled functional locations can be found in the Disabled Functional Locations sheet.


To re-enable a functional location simply copy if from the Disabled Functional Location sheet to the Functional Location Map sheet.

Additional sheets

  • The Info sheet contains information specific to the export and should not be modified.

  • The Operational Areas sheet is to be used only as a reference and should not be modified at all.

Downloading and Uploading of the functional locations is done via the SAP PM Console.