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From the Configuration menu, the SAP Functional Location form can be accessed. Functional locations imported from SAP can be viewed and Operational Areas assigned in this application.


The list view for SAP Functional Locations is as follows:

SAP Functional Locations


The detailed information for a functional location is as follows:

SAP Functional Location Details

Area Map

It is also possible to view the assigned areas and make changes to these in the Area Map tab:

SAP Functional Location Area Map

Here, Operational Areas can be added, removed and edited to assign the required area mapping to a functional location.

If any changes are made to the Functional Location Area Map that change it from the mapping inherited from the Maintenance Plant mapping, it will then be marked as such and will no longer receive updates from changes to the Maintenance Plant mappings. To reset a functional location to the Operational Areas inherited from the Maintenance Plant the ‘Reset areas to default’ button can be clicked in the Detail tab: