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You can pause the workplace or select the disturbance mode depending on the System Settings. When you pause or set a disturbance in the workplace, the production actions (starting, stopping, or completing) are unavailable. You can set a disturbance during a pause.

For more information on pauses and disturbances, see Smart Production System Settings.

Start a pause or a disturbance

  1. Click Pause.


    Click Disturbance.

    The software starts the corresponding event.

End a pause or a disturbance

  1. When the event finishes, select a Reason Code from the list, and then type a description in the Info text box.

  2. Click End the Disturbance.


    Click End the Pause.

Undo a pause or a disturbance

If you started a disturbance or pause event by mistake, you can undo it by clicking Undo the Disturbance or Undo the Pause. The software does not save undone events in the database. This option is not available if the disturbance or pause is already set to ended.