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The Search tool allows you to locate specific parts in the work queue. The search criteria vary according to the actual open page; however, the main functionality is the same. The search tool consists of static search columns and extra criteria. Click Show More to display the extra criteria.

The search tool supports wildcard characters such as '%' or '*' at the beginning or end of the word if needed. You can replace a letter with an underscore '_' character (one underscore '_' for each replaced letter).

Search with static criteria

  1. Fill in the criteria boxes. In the example above, the criteria are NC File and Order.

  2. Click Search.

    The software displays matching criteria in rows in the work queue.

Search with extra criteria

  1. Click Show More.

    The software displays the Extra Criteria search options.

  2. Select a search filter from the Extra Criteria list. In the example below, Location is the additional search filter.

  3. Type the search term in the text box, and then click Add.

  4. Click Add.

    The software displays matching rows in the work queue, and displays the Update button beside the search filter you added.

    • You can add as many extra filters as you need; however, you can only use a particular filter once. For example, you cannot add two Location filters in a single search.

    • Click Update to change a filter.

    • Click the Search_remove filter_BUTTON button to remove a filter.

    • Click Clear to remove the search term and retain the filter.