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Consider the following human spec 12PD0H01 (FM Class 150, High Density Polyethylene [HDPE] Fire Water, UL/FM Approved, Underground) from the Process Industry Practices organization. 9

You should follow the same process for 12PD0H01 as in the previous human spec examples, 3CS1S02, 1SP1S01, 1CS1S01, 1LK0F01, 1PP0H01, 1PV0C01, 12CS1T01, and 12CG0T01 with the following exceptions:

  • Consider the flange adapter within the fittings records in the human spec for 12PD0H01. Per Piping Note 93, the flange adapter requires a backup ring for mating to the ductile iron lap joint flange. The flange adapter record should not be included in the Piping Commodity Filter, because it is the backup ring that determines the compatibility of the bolted ends at the applicable bolted joint, as in the case of a lap joint flange and a stub end, where the flange adapter is analogous to the stub end and the backup ring is analogous to the lap joint flange. Presently, Smart 3D requires the flange adapter to be implied by the corresponding backup ring. This is achieved by specifying the Contractor Commodity Code of the backup ring as the value of the Reportable Piping Commodity’s Contractor Commodity Code for the flange adapter record in the Piping Commodity Filter. Note that this will require you to create a backup ring part, where the geometric data and the weight data for the flange adapter have been assimilated with that of the backup ring.

  • Piping Note 89 specifies that HPDE fittings and pipe should be provided with long term UV protection (2 – 3% carbon black). The spec may consider specifying a value of the Surface Preparation property in the Piping Commodity Class Data to indicate that a UV stabilizer has been applied to the HDPE fitting.

  • Piping Note 91 specifies that butterfly valves may require HDPE spacers on each side of the valve to permit disc rotation. However, the human spec has not specified the requirements for the HDPE spacers. You are required to specify the appropriate records in the Piping Commodity Filter.

  • Piping Note 97 specifies that buried metallic components, if used, shall be protected from corrosion by coating, cathodic protection, or other acceptable methods. If cathodic protection is used, the following describes the means by which you should specify a flange insulation kit.

Typically, the flange insulation kit will include one central insulating gasket; one full length insulating sleeve per bolt; two insulating washers per bolt; and two metallic electro- plated washers per bolt. The insulating sleeves and washers may be available in complete kits, with or without a gasket.

If the flange insulation kit includes the gasket, then the flange insulation kit itself should be defined as an optional gasket in the Gasket Selection Filter. The flange insulation kit should be defined as an optional gasket, since the requirement for the flange insulation must be controlled by the piping designer, and cannot be inserted automatically in the 3D model on the basis of a rule, as specified by you.

Also, the sleeves and washers may be purchased as separate parts or as a one-piece molded unit. In this situation, the unique gasket required for flange insulation should be defined as an optional gasket in the Gasket Selection Filter, while the flange insulation kit, which only includes the sleeves and the washers, should be defined as a reportable piping commodity for the optional gasket.

In some situations, we recommend that an additional service gasket be used on each side of the gasket provided with the flange insulation kit to obtain an effective seal. In such a situation, the flange insulation kit would be defined as an optional gasket in the Gasket Selection Filter, and the two service gaskets would be defined as reportable piping commodities for the flange insulation kit.

Therefore, in conclusion, a flange insulation kit is inserted in the 3D model by the piping designer selecting an optional gasket.

  • Piping Note 126 specifies that stainless steel flat washers shall be used between the nut and backup ring in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation. If the washers used at the backup rings differ from the washers used at the cast iron and ductile iron bolted joints, you must create an optional washer record in the Washer Selection Filter.


9 Piping Material Specification 12PD0H01
FM Class 150, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Fire Water,
UL/FM Approved, Underground; PIP PN 12PD0H01
Copyright © 2000 Process Industry Practices (PIP),
Construction Industry Institute
Reprinted herein with permission from PIP on October 13, 2006.
 Neither PIP nor PP&M make any representations or warranties
about the content of the human piping specifications contained herein.
 PIP human piping specifications are included herein
 solely for instructional purposes, not for production.