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Consider the following human spec 12CG0T01 (Class 125, Galvanized Carbon Steel, 0.063" C.A. Utility [Air and Water], Category D) from the Process Industry Practices organization. 8

You, the piping specification writer, should follow the same process for 12CG0T01 as in the previous human spec examples, 3CS1S02, 1SP1S01, 1CS1S01, 1LK0F01, 1PP0H01, 1PV0C01, and 12CS1T01 with the following exceptions:

  • Although the 3" – 24" Class 150 FFFE and Class 300 RFFE Weldneck Flanges should be specified with a functional short code of Flange at Fitting per Piping Note 13, the 3" – 24" Class 150 FFFE Weldneck Flange should be used with mating with the Class 125 Wafer Butterfly Valves per Piping Note 25. You must create a second record for the 3" – 24" Class 150 FFFE Weldneck Flange, where the functional short code of Flange should be specified, and 'Weldneck Flange' should be specified as the value of the Commodity Option property. The piping designer is required to select this flange when the flange is to be welded to pipe stock at the buttwelded end and mated to a Wafer Butterfly Valve. Otherwise, the Class 150 FFFE Slip-On Flange is selected automatically.

  • Per Piping Note 60, the 3" – 24" pipe stock, specified fittings, and specified flanges should be hot dip galvanized after fabrication. Shop fabrication should be maximized, and all spools hot dip galvanized after fabrication. Valves and inside of field welds should not be galvanized. You may choose to specify the requirement for Exterior Coating as 'Hot dip galvanized' through the use of the Exterior Coating and Surface Treatment Rule on the basis of the piping spec, and the size range.


8 Piping Material Specification 12CG0T01
Class 125, Galvanized Carbon Steel, 0.000" C.A. Utility (Air & Water), Category D
Copyright © 2000 Process Industry Practices (PIP),
Construction Industry Institute
Reprinted herein with permission from PIP on October 13, 2006.
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